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Superheroes Superheroes Slot Games

Many movies fans only associate the Dark Knight as Batman due to the recent movies in the Hero series by Christopher Nolan. Batman has actually been referred to as the Dark Knight since 1986 when he featured in a limited four issue comic book series Batman: The Dark Knight, the series tells the story of an older Batman who resurfaces on the crime fighting scene after years in retirement, he is not welcomed back with open arms but faced with a very hostile police force and environment.

In history a Dark Knight was similar to a Black Knight; this type of Knight was often associated with death and was the opposite of a White Knight who was a true Hero, one that was not tainted. Taking this into consideration the name Dark Knight is very appropriate for this brooding Hero and does not only relate to the color of his costume and bats, but the impassive and icy way in which he fights crime, he is considered a vigilante and often gets in trouble with the law himself.

The Dark Knight Movie

Christopher Nolan’s movie has changed the way movie goers view Batman they now see him as The Dark Knight and not the camp Caped Crusader that movies such as Batman Forever depicted him as. Many of the earlier films don’t show the character of Batman, he is just a man with a mask who fights crime, in The Dark Knight series you are shown the workings of this complex character as the vigilante starts to realize that his fight against crime can sometimes do more harm than good.

The movies are darker and more intense than their predecessors, the plot does not revolve around Batman fighting a villain, villain kidnapping Batman’s love interest, Batman saving the day, Batman is a hero. In the new series the girl dies, innocent people get hurt and the hero is shunned, this is very similar to the way in which he was treated in the comic book series.

This revival of the Dark hero has been a massive success and revived the popularity of the floundering franchise movie wise. Viewers have been treated to two movies so far Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, they now all wait in anticipation for the next in the series The Dark Knight Rises.

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